I started NoMonet in 1999 when I put together a group of artists and self-published a collaborative tarot deck and book set. One product wasn't enough to carry when I hit the wholesale shows so I put together another group of artists and self-published a collaborative playing card set. Again, two products are not enough products to make wholesale shows worth the expense and trouble. Therefore I did some work with photo collage graphics, vintage pictures accented with Photoshop and pencil work to create some art that I put on tee shirts, paper goods and small frame necklaces.

I transitioned my interest from graphics to jewelry design, designing primarily with vintage brass stampings. In 2011 I began to create my hand painted Flower Fairy earrings. That took off like nothing I've ever created before, so I expanded on the line and started attending more wholesale shows. The jewelry line is a very successful focal point of my business. My jewelry is carried in many stores across the country, including galleries, boutiques, museum gift stores, botanical gardens, gift magazines and other types of gift stores.

In 2013 I created the less intricate Fairyland line and that has also been very successful. In 2015 I introduced the Femme Fatale Steampunk line to rave reviews and it has been another great addition to my product lineup.

People ask why my business is called NoMonet. I first began my creative journey doing rubber stamp art. I specialized in doing complicated pieces that involved a lot of masking, specific placement and colored pencil/pen work. I did mixed media pieces as well and I was successful enough to be published in several rubber stamping magazines as well as creating a magazine cover for one. In those days, rubber stamp artists took pseudonyms. I took the name NoMonet for the play on words "no money" and the self-effacing: "hey, it's just rubber stamp art, I'm no Monet!" When I self-published the decks I used my pseudonym NoMonet as my business name since people were somewhat familiar with my work in the magazines.

Life is a journey and this has been the creative path I've followed. I've been blessed to be able to share my art in it's very forms with so many people who enjoy my designs. Thank you for your interest in my products.

How to reach us:

Phone: (866) 327-9525
Email: [email protected]
Address: 1445 Donlon St., Suite 1 Ventura CA 93003