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The Longest Kiss

Suicide Bar

In the early 1300s, in medieval England, Katherine, a young peasant girl, daughter of a serf meets Martius the vampire who was previously a soldier in the Roman army. He turns her into a vampire and thus begins a passionate love story that lasts six centuries. Together they live through the Black Plague and are together until just before the French Revolution with many adventures along the way that enlighten them on their place in the physical and spiritual worlds. Events conspire to tear these strong willed vampires apart and they go their separate ways until the late 20th century.

It reads a bit like a romance novel, definitely romantic, somewhat graphic and salacious in the erotic bonds these vampires and humans share. As the writer, I wanted to make their love affair as strong and powerful, as their physical powers, and therefore their lust and love for one another is boundless and intense. However, it is a typical love story where two beings come to love one another, are torn apart by their own strong wills and come back together in unusual circumstances. I tried to make the journey as original as possible and researched a great deal of history to get the background as authentic as I could.

I created my own mythology where the bonds the two lovers share are unequal, the maker having control over his vampire creation until blood is exchanged again that is vampire in nature with the maker taking blood from his lover after she is transformed. That releases her from his beck and call. I called it the Longest Kiss, and thus the name of the novel.

In a mythical bar of despair and heartache where lost souls of suicides come for a last drink before continuing on with their journey, we find a strange collection of people. Normally it’s only a brief transitional stop, but this time fate has dealt a curious hand and the bar becomes a place where love and hope attempt to defy grim odds.
Remembering Daddy

Four women from three generations meet at a coffee shop and tell the reader a story that they themselves are unaware of, even after they’ve told it.