Flower Fairy Earrings

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Vintage Filigree has been antiqued and then hand painted with a resin-based paint. It is then layered with more brass filigree that resemble flower petals. Each one of these earrings looks like a little brass flower when turned over to see the skirts beneath them. Brass stamen were created with matching crystals. These gorgeous medium to light-weight earrings hang from antiqued brass leverbacks for security.

New Designs for 2014: Butterfly Garden, Guinevere, Spellbinder and Wood Witch. New colors on existing designs: Peridot and Blue Butterfly Journey, Lavender and Purple Dragonfly's Respite, Purple and Turquoise Elvish Princess, Burgundy and Periwinkle Masquerade, Lemon and Navy Italian Courtesan, Lilac and Mint Sweet Dreams, Apricot and Dusty Blue Sweet Dreams.
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