Flying Macaw Parrot Painted Domino Necklace


Basic Design Elements:

Hand stamped collage style domino pendant art necklace utilizing 2 images on front, one on back
Hand painted with paintbrushes and inks
Sterling silver bales, findings and clasp
Blue leather necklace trimmed with aventurine, red coral, green mother of pearl and blue faux quartz
This domino is a collage of two stamps: a beautiful flying macaw and a background of bamboo.  I stamped the macaw in black, masked it and stamped the bamboo in dark green.  I painted the pieces in shades of yellows, greens, reds and blues. (Inks applied with brushes allow the final piece to be truly painted rather than simply colored and the results look sort of like watercolors, the colors merge and blend nicely. )  The backside of the domino was stamped with another more dense type of bamboo stamp on green and the sides were colored with brown ink.  The ink was rendered permanent with heat and I sprayed a couple of clear coats of polyurethane to protect and then covered the front with a coat of clear resin.  I created several of these pendant necklaces and each one is different.  Some may have less foliage in the background and more of a watercolor blur feel to the area behind the bird.

I drilled holes at the top of the domino and glued in sturdy sterling silver bales.  I’ve hung the pendant from blue leather cording that I’ve made long enough to wear doubled around your neck as a choker or as a longer one strand necklace.  It fastens with a beautiful sterling silver, “S” clasp.  I bookended the clasp with little aventurine beads, squares of red coral, rectangles of green mother of  pearl and small faceted rounds of faux blue quartz (glass made to resemble quartz).  The colors in these stones and the blue leather match colors I’ve painted the pendant in absolutely perfectly.  The length of the necklace is approximately 34.”   Incidentally, the pendant moves freely on the leather and the clasp can be worn behind the neck or in front, your choice.  (But doesn’t it look fabulous in front?  Makes it easier to put on and take off too!) 


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